White Space / 02

Last November, I wrote this post after attending the Making Things Happen Conference. Eight months later (and 39 weeks pregnant!), I can whole heartedly say that this whole "White Space" idea has completely transformed my life, my business, our home and our family. I'm so grateful for it.

Our home is organized (read this book), my business is streamlined and focused (designers - check out this workshop), my daily to-do lists are planned the night before (buy this planner) and I've found pockets of time (read this book) in my day to make sure my heart, body & mind are a priority. 

I've simplified, streamlined, prioritized, de-cluttered, donated dozens and dozens of items, said no (A LOT), planted a garden, taken day adventures with Addison, locked up our phones for the evenings, had date nights involving old movies & puzzles, organized all of our family's files and photographs, given everything in our home a "place", simplified my business on the backend, filled our walls with photographs & art, sent more happy mail, prepared my heart for a new baby, went to art museums, I could go on and on and on....

The most important change is this...

I'm striving every day to fill my mind & heart with more gratitude and stillness and less comparison and hustle. 

I'm a smarter business owner and a more present wife, mom and friend. AND I've managed to do this all while pregnant (HA!). I'm so excited to implement this new lifestyle as we become a family of four. 

So now, your turn...

What does "White Space" look like to you? 

This "White Space" idea FIRES ME UP. I want to talk about it with everyone! I'd love to get your thoughts on how we can make this more of a conversation in our creative industries. Feel free to email me or leave your thoughts below! 

Here's to finding White Space in your life for the rest of 2015!