Short + Sweet / No. 1

thoughts + snapshots from life lately

1. The Kashner house is slowly becoming a home. As I'm typing this, our basement walls are being knocked down. We have blue tape around most of the windows on our first floor. We're missing trim in the kitchen. The cabinets and walls are waiting to be painted. We are living life through the "mess", but I'm so excited to see it all come together - just in time for the holidays. In the meantime, these fall mums make my front porch smile. 

2. Addison is growing like a weed. She is such a delight and completely makes my day all the time. Other than her naptime (that gets shorter everyday), I only have one morning a week (instead of 3) to get work done. I thought this change in schedule would be stressful and cause me insane anxiety, but God has blessed me with an amazing sense of calm and peace. I am loving spending the extra time with her and I can tell she loves it too. I'm more focused in the time I do have to work and I'm finding day by day that it's possible to be a full-time, present mommy AND run a business. 

3. I got this new sweater from my favorite little boutique in town and I'm obsessed. I may wear it every other day this fall. 

4. Date night at Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood for Alex's 31st birthday! He (Al) was in absolute country heaven and sang every lyric to every song. That was super impressive. Garth was incredible - so was Trisha! - and as we walked out of the arena at 2:30 am, Alex told me I was "Wife of the Year". #cheers