New Work / The Thriving Photographer 2.0

Thrive Site.jpg

This project has been a long time comin'! I'm so excited that it is ready to be launched! 

Introducing the 2.0 version of The Thriving Photographer - a success program for photographers by Leah Remillet. Leah and I have been dreaming about this site for months! The original Thriving Photographer program (launched in 2012) was such a huge success, but it was time to let it "grow up". The new look is the perfect mix of fresh & fun and shows off her incredible program for photographers. 

The project scope included a complete re-design of all business, sales and marketing templates included in the program, as well as a new look to the "Thrive Sheets" - homework sheets that become a photographer's active business plan. We also updated the logo (with a rockin' watercolor camera) and album art for the audio part of the program. 

Leah and I also had a blast taking some product shots for the new site. You can see one of my shots below. Visit to see more! 

This site was a beast to put together. We customized a Squarespace template to give Leah the easy-to-navigate and fresh site she was craving. We compiled dozens of testimonials, videos, statistics, research, FAQs and created a visually compelling sales page to guide customers through the 3 purchase options. 

Thrive Page Layouts.png