Creative Spaces No. 02 / Leah Remillet

LK: Tell us about yourself as a creative.

LR: I love being right (who doesn't) and I love showing people what's possible! I don't believe in playing it safe but would rather take big chances. I've seen what's possible, how amazing life can be and I want to show as I can, how to get it! I'm messy but love when everything is in proper order, clean but not manic when everything is a mess and I always have stashes of candy and snacks all over my office. 

LK: Describe your style in three words

LR: Clean, Bold & Bright

LK: What does your creative journey look like?

LR: It looks like a train collided into a truck full of bananas! Sometimes my journey is a hot sticky mess and other-times I know exactly where I'm going. The first step for me is just getting all my ideas and everything that is swimming in my brain onto paper, once I've done that I start organizing and blocking out all the different components of my newest idea and then I get to work. Ultimately I want to enjoy the process as much as the results. Most of our lives are spent working toward goals and dreams (after all as soon as you reach one, you set another), we should take time for creating great moments and celebrating each and every win! 

LK: Tell us about your space

LR: I've been dreaming of what my space  would like for years!! Then Chic Magazine offered to showcase my new space because I had recently moved. That was the fire I needed! I had two weeks to make my Pinterest board become my reality! It was a crazy whirlwind and I am so grateful to say that it's complete! Now I love "going" to work. 

LK: What is your favorite thing about your space?

LR: It's so hard to pick… I've wanted a deer head for forever so that, hanging above my snack cart is probably it. 

LK: What can you not live without?

LR: Note pad and pencils. I really love good ol' fashion paper and pencils… At any given time there are at least a half a dozen notes scribbled all over my desk. 

LK: What is the first thing you do each morning?

LR: Review my 'Top 5'. Each night I make a list of my top 5 priorities for the following day. It sits on my keyboard so that as soon as I walk in, I can review it and get straight to work. 

LK: Where do you pull inspiration from?

LR: Pinterest was my design source! I got so many amazing ideas from Ikea Hacks to DIY glitter mouse pads. I also really wanted my office to be a reflection of my brand (which is a reflection of me!) so I used the vision boards that Laura Kathryn and I created to keep me on point. 

LK: What is the biggest lesson you've learned this year?

LR: Smile anyway. This year was a lot more crazy than I care for, through all of it, it was hard to find time to work. Somedays I didn't feel very inspiring or "business guru" worthy but that didn't mean I couldn't still help people. I put on my smile anyway and found that even though it sometimes started as forced, it often became genuine and as a result bad days turned around!  


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